Summary of council activities for August 2021

Council held a virtual public meeting on August 16 to discuss roadside brush clearing and the use of pesticides within our township. The meeting was well attended, and everyone present had a chance to voice their opinion. There were also some comments sent in via email from those that could not attend. Although this was not a decision-making meeting, Council will be taking the time over the next while to consider all aspects and make decisions where these matters are concerned. Future meetings with the Provincial Government will no doubt be a part of these decisions as the Highways that run through the community are their jurisdiction.

Council has hired a new Deputy Clerk Treasurer and Chief  Building inspector who will both be welcomed for September.

The Reeve attended the virtual AMO Conference held from August 16-18. Delegations were held with Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Jill Dunlop, Minister of Colleges and Universities. The Clerk attended these special meetings along with the Reeve.

All regular outside meetings will start back up again this month, virtually to begin with and we’ll see how things go if we can start meeting in person again. 

The information in this article is only a partial update from Council  Meetings. Please find the approved minutes from each meeting on the Township website. Council meetings are open to the public and as a    resident you are encouraged to come out and see what the Council is doing on your behalf. For more                information please contact the  Township office. Complete minutes are available for viewing at the municipal office and online at