The Township of Gillies is a small rural community in the Canadian province of Ontario, located within the Thunder Bay District.

The past

Silver was discovered in the area in the 1840’s and mines were opened along the Silver Mountain Road. By 1850, there was a town site at the Beaver Mine, complete with school, homes, boarding houses, bank and stamp mill, all visible from the Silver Mountain Road.

In 1893, the Township was opened for settlement, the Port-Arthur Duluth railway was ready for business but the silver mines had been worked out. Since the Township was full of white pine, lumbering and clearing of land for farming took over in primary importance and by 1901 a large influx of settlers had arrived in Gillies. Sawmills became a thriving business as the land was cleared and our two villages, South Gillies and Hymers, were established. Each village had a general store, post office, church and school. Hymers, at one time, even had a bank and a doctor from New York City. The doctor missing the Broadway plays started a drama group in the village.

The current

With the advent of the car and modern highways, Gillies’ residents began commuting to Thunder Bay for employment and goods and services. The Township has remained, however, the centre for area services such as a postal outlet, Whitefish Valley School and the Hymers Fair. We have local businesses such as Green Acre Variety Convenience Store and Gas Station, Rose Valley Lodge and Restaurant, Mitchell's Autobody, a Bed and Breakfast, various small agricultural farms that sell beef, lamb, eggs and bedding out plants and there is still a lumber mill. In addition, the community has a drama group, “Milehill Melodrama”, housed by the Gillies Community Centre, which has provided entertainment to the community for many years.

The future 

It is expected that Gillies will continue to remain a small rural community with residents enjoying the advantages of living close to a large economic centre, yet being able to have their home in a country setting where they can continue to enjoy the peace, solitude and sense of community which initially drew them to this picturesque area.

The previous logo

From the Gillies 100th Anniversary Book

The original Township logo was designed by Freda Kamstra. She wanted the logo to express the
idea that Gillies is a place to live a good life. The logo included rock cliffs, fields, and pine trees
to depict the natural beauty of the area. The pumpkin symbolized the Hymers Fair and the
tracks represent the P.D. Railroad. This logo was embossed onto a lapel pin.

“Have fun with your pin and be proud of where we live”

~ Freda Kamstra

Previous Gillies Logo

The new logo

From the Gillies 100th Anniversary Book

The Township adopted a new logo in 2019 through a sealed submission process to
commemorate the Township’s 100th Anniversary. The new logo was designed by Deborah
Poole-Hofmann. Her inspiration for the design was to reflect that Gillies is a wonderful
community. Each aspect of the logo represents a part of Gillies. The sun represents a bright and
lovely place to live; the hill represents Mile Hill; the trees represent the abundance of nature;
and the blue wave represents the Whitefish River.

Previous Gillies Logo

The Gillies Township Logo may not be used without written permission.