Burning permits are currently required and are valid for the entire fire season. Burn Permits can be obtained through the following steps below for open air burning, fireworks and burn barrels:

Step 1  Register online yearly. You must renew your burn permit every year.

Step 2  Call 1 844 510 0332 each time before you burn.

Calling the number above before you burn is required to help your Fire Department keep track of all active burns in the Township while providing you with necessary risk level information. You will also receive fire ban notifications through an automated call, text or email.

Do not have access to an email, internet, or computer? No problem. The Township Office is happy to assist you in registering.

Please review 2018-007 Open Air Burning By-Law prior to burning and also exercise caution when burning.

Please keep in mind that all permits become suspended if a Total Fire Ban or Restricted Fire Zone is declared by the Township of Gillies or the Province of Ontario.  When the Fire Ban or Restricted Fire Zone is lifted, all permits are reinstated, and you do not need to reapply for the permit.

Burn Permit Application