The municipal budget provides the financial plan for Gillies Township and all local services involved. Budget planning is ongoing throughout the year with a public consultation meeting held prior to the budget passing.

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2022 Budget
Public PowerPoint presentation of August 14, 2023 (Draft Budget)
(updated August 11, 2023 - document for the Public Budget Meeting on August 14, 2023)
2023 Budget

Financial Statements

An independent audit is required under section 296 (1) of the Municipal Act and financial statements are prepared each year.

2019 Financial Statements

2020 Financial Statements

2021 Financial Statements

2022 Financial Statements

Council Remuneration Reports

2020 Council Annual Remuneration Report

2021 Council Annual Remuneration Report

2022 Council Annual Remuneration Report

2023 Council Annual Remuneration Report

Council Remuneration Transparency

  • The Treasurer’s yearly Council Remuneration report publicly available above.
  • The budget for Council remuneration and expenses are approved as part of the Operating Budget for the Township of Gillies at a public meeting of Council.