Municipal taxes

The Township of Gillies collects property taxes on behalf of Thunder Bay School Boards and the Municipality.

Below is a short list of community programs that municipal taxes pay for:

  • Council and Administration
  • By-law enforcement
  • Road maintenance
  • Pee Dee park
  • Cemeteries
  • Volunteer Fire Department, First Response and 911
  • Land and air ambulance
  • OPP Policing
  • Thunder Bay District Health Board
  • Thunder Bay District Social Services
  • Landfill and recycling
  • Lakehead Rural Planning Board
  • Conservation Authority

Tax Bill due dates for 2023

First Installment due February 28, 2023

Second Installment due April 27, 2023

Final Tax Bill

First Installment due date October 31, 2023

Second Installment due date November 30, 2023

Ways to pay your taxes

 In person

Cash payments may be made in person at the office. However, the preferred method of payment is by mailing a cheque or money order, or through online banking.


Cheques and Money Orders can be mailed to the following address:

Township of Gillies

1092 Highway 595

Kakabeka Falls, ON P0T 1W0

Cheques are applied to tax accounts as they are received in the mail. To avoid late fees please mail your cheque with enough time for the office to receive the payment before the due date. Do not send cash through the mail.

Gillies offers online banking through all banks. Gillies Township will be listed in your ‘Bill Payees’. Your account number is your 19 digit roll number located at the top left of your tax bill. Example (5812000000*****0000) enter the entire number with no spaces or dashes. Payments to tax accounts are applied as they are received, to avoid late fees please pay in advance. Bank payments may take up to 7 days for us to receive.
 Credit Card
Credit card payment options are not offered at this time. If you are interested in Gillies Township offering this type of payment service, please send us feedback.
Preauthorized payments
Preauthorized payments options are not offered at this time. If you are interested in Gillies Township offering this type of payment service, please send us feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a late fee if I don’t pay on time?
Late fees are assessed at the beginning of every month. If we did not receive your tax payment by the last day of the previous month, your tax account will be charged 1.25% interest on the overdue tax balance.
 Why did I receive a past due notice?
A Notice of Past Due Taxes shows you the amount of overdue taxes and late penalties. If you paid your taxes at the end of the month, we may not receive the payment until the next month, after the notices were printed. Please check the notice as the amount that is due on you tax account will have increased by the penalty amount.
 My mortgage company pays my bill, why am I receiving a bill?
You are receiving a duplicate bill marked “DO NOT PAY" it is for your own records. Your mortgage company receives a bill and pays your property taxes on your behalf.
 What happens if I don't pay my tax bill?

Penalty interest is charged at a rate of 1.25% per month on the unpaid tax balance. Tax arrears notices are sent each month to property owners that have overdue balances. The notice shows the amount of tax and penalty owing. When you make a payment, you pay the penalty interest first, and the rest of the payment is applied to the tax balance. If property taxes are older than two years, the property is eligible for tax registration.

Tax accounts in arrears for more than one year may sent to a Collections Agency.

 Can you send a copy of my tax bill to someone else?

 A copy of your tax bill can be sent to another person by filling out an authorization form.

Property Tax Access Authorization Form

 Can I get a reprinted tax notice/bill?
A fee of $10 will be charged for a reprint of a tax bill. This applies to hard copy reprints as well as email copies. Please keep your bill in a safe place; you may need it for income tax purposes.

Request a tax certificate

A Tax Certificate is a legal document that includes information such as the legal description, current installments, arrears and local improvements, if any. Tax Certificates confirm property tax balances and are usually ordered prior to a sale, purchase or the refinancing of a property.

The Township will electronically provide a Tax Certificate within 5-7 business days from the received request and payment for the standard fee of $50.00.

Please note that the completed request and payment of $50.00 must be received prior to issuing a certificate.

Please note that we do not provide verbal tax information.

Tax certificates cost $50.00 (each request) and can be obtained by filling out the form below.

Tax certificate request form